Day by Day

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Working Day

Clean-up from feeding 80 people.  Finding out how much it'll cost to fix the car.  Processing 30 pounds of pork into sausage.

Bratwurst, if you must know.

I'm-a gonna be busy here for a lil bit.  See you tomorrow!

UPDATE:  Cost to fix vehicle - a hell of a lot less than I was fearing.  Plus they'll come out to the house and do it.  Folks, if you're military, family of military, or prior service military, get thee hence and sign up with USAA for insurance.  I won't go into details, I'm just going to tell you to do it.


dick said...

USAA has not only one of the best auto insurance companies (Amica being the civilian equivalent) out there, but they have, without a doubt, the very best auto finance company in the US bar none.

cmblake6 said...

USAA does indeed rock. I got it as soon as they opened it up to retired military. Wanted it, kept trying, but when I started it was only for "retired less than 60 days". When they opened it to me, I got it that month!

Wish Texas had had the same thing for their ccw permit. If you're military or less than 2 months out, your ccw non-resident is free. Just thought I'd pass that along. As it is, it's half price for retired military period.

Ragin' Dave said...

When I was stationed outside the US, USAA was the only company that would insure my vehicles. Worked out well for them, because I spent three years paying them and didn't get into a single accident.

When we bought our house, we financed it through USAA.

Right now I have most of my banking done through them, and after dealing with them today I'm twice as convinced that they're the best insurance company in America today.