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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pete Carrol, USC and my Seahawks

I got back in time to find out that my Seattle Seahawks had hired Pete Carrol from USC.

Say what?

Hey, can someone tell me how Pete Carrol did in the NFL as coach of the NY Jets and New England Patriots? Oh, right. Mediocre at best, and fired from both teams. He might be a great collage coach, but he's a proven loser in the NFL. Oh, and how friggin' conVEENient that he's hired by Seattle just as more allegations of fraud and misconduct are arising at USC. Hey, that's exactly the kind of coach we need in Seattle!

Look, I don't think Jim Mora was the next coming of Bill Walsh, but between injuries and piss poor personnel decisions, he was handed an absolute ball of shit in the Seahawks, and he did the best he could with them. Firing him after one year was a stupid decision. Hiring Pete Carrol was another stupid decision. From what I can see, the Seahawks are doomed to be no more than an 8-8 team for the next decade. I don't see any improvement coming down the pike. although I'd be happy to be proven wrong on this one.

Gah. You know what? Sometimes, your team isn't worth supporting anymore. I think the Seahawks are going in reverse.

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