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Monday, October 05, 2009

Quote of the day

From commenter pdb, on this thread at The Smallest Minority.

Speaking as a former small business owner, I can tell you authoritatively that on the list of reasons why I am no longer a small business owner, the cost of health care doesn't even crack the top ten. See, even if my store offered health care as part of its compensation package, and it didn't, fluctuations in that cost would not bother me because I can plan for it. Same as the cost of inventory, electricity, insurance, and all the other little bills.

However, what I could not plan for, and kept me awake nights, was the costs of complying with the bullshit rules and regulations constantly piled onto my business. License for this, permit for that, a fee here, a tax there, line forms on the left, sign here, use the correct forms, etc etc. Apart from the ever moving goalposts (a concept you should be eminently familiar with), being out of compliance with my free market suppliers means lost money. Cross the wrong arbitrary government agency and I lose everything. Business, money, credit, house, cars, everything. This is the essential difference between freedom and fascism and it saddens me you do not comprehend this.

But you've never run a business, or you would understand Hell, like your hero Obama, I doubt you've ever held a real fucking job in your entire life. You've never had to balance books, bend over backwards for capricious bureaucrats, find payroll somewhere, make tough decisions (I've literally had to choose between groceries or payroll) or hire and fire employees. You sure as hell haven't had to hold your sobbing wife in your arms and explain how, again, you had to pay your employees this week and not yourself, so don't you fucking DARE to presume what it's like to be a producer!

The biggest threat to small business isn't the rising cost of health care you ignorant shit stain, it's the constant assault of useless, know-it-all leeches like yourself trying to shape society to match their Marxist ideal no matter how many broken lives it costs. You have no fucking clue how millions of people turn time into money every day and yet you presume to tell them what to do! What in the fucking hell is wrong with you?
There's a whole 'nother rant about trying to open a business here in Wisconsin, and what you can or can't sell. But I need to jet, so it'll have to happen later.

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