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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Photo Time

More from the "Where the fuck was Dave?" Files. Clickamooga for da Big Kahoona..

Mt. Rainier from the airplane. As a bonus, you can see Mt. Saint Helens in the back right. A little over 900KB if you want to save it.

The Space Needle and Elliot bay. 189KB if you want to save it.

The Ragin' Mrs. has been tearing the house apart, quite literally. My office has no walls, no ceiling and no flooring, but new insulation. The closet is waiting for it's next coat of plaster, which will happen when I'm finally home. And the Ragin' Dad will be visiting next week. In short, I'm tapped out.

Gah. One day, I'll get to rest. One day......

By the way, while I was in Seattle I was able to have dinner with my man Phil from Random Nuclear Strikes. Hi Phil! I much enjoyed it! Next time I'll try to get there when you have some time off!

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