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Monday, December 22, 2008

Adding to the post below

When I was transitioning to my new position, I was working with a Sergeant from Ohio. He had been on his way to Iraq with his unit a couple years ago, when his plane stopped for a scheduled re-fueling in Maine. The plane was going to be on the tarmac for about two hours while it picked up fuel and changed crew.

Turns out President Bush was in Maine at the same time, and when he found out that a plane-load of troops was going to be sitting around for a couple of hours, he decided to stop in and talk to 'em. So he did. Just walked on the plane and started talking to a bunch of Soldiers about their mission, their lives back home, what they thought about going over, what their fears and hopes were.

There was no press. There was no media coverage. There was just a man going to talk to men and women who were serving their country. And if the Sergeant I was working with had not have told me about it, I would have never known it happened.

Obama can't even visit wounded troops in Germany unless he turns it into a media circus.

To Obama, and with all Democrat American Communist Party members, the troops are there to be used for political gain, and nothing more. Judging from remarks made by John F'n Kerry, Charlie "Taxes? What taxes?" Rangel, and a host of other parasites in donkey suits, the Left doesn't even think that the military qualifies as human. Unless they can use us for their own personal gain, they don't want to deal with us at all.

Obama would not visit wounded troops in Germany unless he got a good media story out of it.

President Bush walked on to a plane of Soldiers and talked with them for two hours, and nobody outside of that plane knew about it unless the Soldiers told them. No press, no national media.

I think that speaks all that needs to be said on that score.

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