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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Van Helsing Hosts 'Fitna'

Geert Wilders' Fitna (Video)!

Watch it... then...

Diana West : Pre-emptive rage
'''just the thought of "Fitna" has Europe in upheaval, cowering before widely anticipated Islamic outrage expected to range from diplomatic huff, to economic boycott, to rioting, even bloodshed, over this still unseen ten-minute film.

Such mass psychosis has erupted before — Satanic Verses Rage, Koran Rage, Cartoon Rage, Pope Rage, even Teddy Bear Rage. But never has an Islamic "rage" begun to build without actual cause. For the first time, we are seeing rage preparations and precautions before "offense" has been given or taken.

In other words, Pre-Emptive Rage is something new. It works like this: Because the Wilders film is expected to criticize Islam, Muslims who brook no religious criticism are expected to freak out. Therefore — just as if this were the most normal, everyday, ordinary state of affairs — Muslims and Europeans are making their respective arrangements.
...multiculti Europeans and perpetually aggrieved Muslims are finding common ground.
... reported by Dutch blogger Klein Verzet, the grand mufti of Syria, Ahmad Badr Al-Din Hassoun, admonishes the European Parliament about potential film-related "riots, bloodshed and violence" for which "Wilders will be responsible." And thus Dutch Prime Minister Jan Balkenende says exactly the same thing.

Michelle Malkin : Fitna follow-up: The usual suspects do the usual thing; Update: Fitna pulled from Liveleak; “This is a sad day for freedom of speech on the net…”
Pulled from Liveleak...

LadyHawk : Fitna Fallout
It’s rare to hear them denouncing ongoing terrorism done in the name of Islam by jihadis, whether it is in Afghanistan, Thailand, Philippines, or Israel. Where are the calls for tolerance when the jihadis are busy blowing up schools, businesses, rioting, and otherwise seeking to kill non Muslims and those who are not strict adherents to their brand of Islam?

Robert Spencer : Iran: Fitna "heinous, blasphemous, and un-Islamic" -- and Eurodhimmis should ban it
Mind you, the European Union has never, ever said anything like that regarding attacks on Christianity. The point is not just the double standard; it is that they are allowing violent intimidation to succeed, and that will only lead to more violent intimidation.

Unsurprisingly : UN's Ban Ki-moon Calls for 'Fitna' to Be Censored
United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon comes out strongly against free expression.

Yet United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, or the UN, hasn't condemned suicide bombings targeting Jewish civilians, or even Al-Qaeda. They don't even have an official definition of "terrorist" yet they will enthusiastically condemn a film that features passages from the Quran, alongside the violent consequences clearly associated with that graphic advocacy... they will condemn a film that exposes the hate as "hate speech".

Will any Muslim "scholars" care to defend those passages? [birds chirping]

No one is suppressing pictures of Jesus with violence...

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