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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Steve and DANE

Your invites to blog here should be in your inbox.

I woke up at around 0500 this morning, and I didn't get online until around 2200 hours tonight.

(That's 10:00 PM for you civilian folks)

Don't expect it to get any better. My new unit seems bent on giving me enough "busy work" to justify having me double slotted, and it sucks big dead donkey dick. I had the XO flat out admit to me that they were giving me work that they were saving for the troops, but they were having me do it because they don't have anything for me to do.

Meanwhile, I have the Chaplain's Office and the Casualty Assistance Office willing and able to take me and give me a proper job. But my command doesn't want to give me up because I look good on their paperwork.

I'm pissed. Pissed off that I'm spending all day doing nothing. Pissed that the people who would love to have me work for them are waiting to see what my command does. And pissed off at this island, which I cannot escape from fast enough.

Anyways, since I just got home and don't have a thing for you to read, I want you to read this. Geek with a .45 has one of the best summations of why I'm a small "l" libertarian and not a big "L" variety. It's well worth the time.

Meanwhile, I'm going to drink some rum and hit the sack.

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