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Friday, August 03, 2007

Lying Asshole Exposed

So little Scotty Bowshaaamp FORGOT! Now he wasn't sitting there all battle hardened in a chow hall in Iraq at Forward Operating Base Falcon mocking a disfigured girl because the war had twisted him into something inhuman. No. He was in Kuwait, 9 months earlier than he claimed, having just left Germany, without even the slightest opportunity to have been twisted by the horrors of war like all the other soldiers he smeared with his foul fabrications. He forgot. Bullshit. He fucking lied. He lied and he and his crew and his apologists are still lying. They picked a new location for their lie. One that makes it harder to verify because no one stays put there more than a couple of weeks. I hope the military or someone tries to track down the disfigured girl at the Kuwait base. It would be funny to watch these worms squirm off to a new lie. So instead of being twisted by the horrors of war, Scotty is just a complete asshole. Dirt bag mother fucker.

Oh, and RD, I noted that The New Republic claims to have found a vehicle expert to back up this lying sack of shit. It would be fun to watch you pick that testimonial apart when you get a chance.

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