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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Terrorist Leftist Nexus - Imbicile Edition

I give you Jane Felix-Browne - Imbicile:

51-year-old British grandmother and parish councillor from Cheshire has married her 6th husband, Omar Ossama bin Laden (age 27), the fourth eldest son of Osama bin Laden after a holiday romance and is to apply for a visa so that he can visit Britain.

So OBL Jr is into older women? Or! He wants the run of Britain.

"He is the most beautiful person I have ever met. His heart is pure, he is pious, quiet, a true gentleman, and he is my best friend.”

This one! Now, HE is mister right! Forget the 5 previous husbands. Something tells me grandma isn't that great a judge of character.

Met bin Laden in Egypt in September while undergoing treatment for multiple sclerosis.

Young, healthy, is there any doubt what OBL Jr sees in the old girl?

They were married in Islamic ceremonies in Egypt and Saudi Arabia and are awaiting permission from the authorities in Riyadh to make their marriage official.

What's the hold up? Muslim theocratic intolerance? Nah.

“Omar is wary of everyone. He is constantly watching people who he feels might be following him. Not without reason he is fearful of cameras.

His paranoia must be part of his charm.

He is the son of Osama,” she said. “But when we are together he forgets his life.”

"Eh, forget all that stuff about my terror mastermind daddy, honey. Let's talk about that VISA! YEAH! Now you're getting me hot."

Mrs Felix-Browne already knew some members of the bin Laden family through her Islamic marriage to a Saudi man in London when she was 16. She believes that she actually met Osama bin Laden at a party in London in the 1970s.

Saudi man.....age 16...hmmmmm. So right off the bat, this clueless twit is shacking up with someone willing to marry a 16 year old child. What kind of family life must 16 year old Jane have had?

She said that her husband left Afghanistan before the attacks on the US on September 11, 2001. However, some reports claim that he split from his father only after the attack on New York and an argument about tactics. Mrs Felix-Browne insisted: “He last saw his father in 2000 when they were both in Afghanistan. He left his father because he did not feel it was right to fight or to be in an army. Omar was training to be a soldier and he was only 19. “He told me he has had no contact with his father since the day he left him."

"But he told me he didn't have anything to do with that bad old terrorism stuff." It's ok to get hitched at 16 but joining the old man's jihad at ONLY 19, that's just nuts!

He misses his father.

"Awwwwwww! Daddy's in a cave somewhere making plans to murder countless innocents, habibi baby. Let nanna hold you."

Omar doesn’t know if it was his father who was responsible for the 9/11 attacks. I don’t think we will ever know.”

It's soo hard to know these things. Especially after Osama Sr. recorded video of himself gloating about how successful his attacks were and eagerly shared it with the rest of the world.

He works as a scrap metal dealer in Jedda

Funny. A bunch of "scrap metal" was shipped out of Iraq before Operation Iraqi Freedom. Wonder if this is the same kind of stuff.

Mrs Felix-Browne, who now uses the Islamic name Zaina Mohamad,

Submission comes in many forms.

says that she speaks to her husband for several hours every day over the internet or by telephone. During their conversations she refers to him repeatedly as “Habibi”, the Arabic for “my love”. She said: “I find it very difficult to live without him and I know he does too. But really we have the most normal life possible.”

"OMG grams I miss u soo much LOL TTFN XOXOXO" Sounds like they're really close, eh? How close? Glad ya asked!

She was aware before her marriage that her husband already had another wife and a two-year-old child. “I haven’t seen her but I have spoken to her for about an hour on the telephone,” she said. “She is fine about it.”

"No, nanna! She means nothing to me. Just a sec, I need to put the phone down while I bend her young, child-bearing ass over the bed and ooooohhhh yeah! What was I saying? Oh uh, yeah, only you nanna!"

Now she hopes that Mr bin Laden will come to Britain. “He would like to spend quite a bit of time here,” she said. “There is no reason why he should not come to live, but I don’t think he would like the weather.”

Hey, gram gram, I bet you'd find he'd get over the weather in no time at all.

Mrs Felix-Browne said that the couple hoped to use their position to help to heal the wounds caused by her father-in-law. “All we want is peace in this world and I will do all I can to promote it.”

Yeah, a delusional internet fling between an aging imbicile to the (already hitched) son of the world's most wanted killer will be as a flock of white doves.

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