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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Still busy

Ah, the weekend. Not exactly a day off, just doing different work. In between cleaning, trimming the yard (the Raging Mrs mowed for me! yay!) taking out the trash, recycling, moving crap around, getting supplies, refilling the propane cylinder (gotta grill, ya know!) and coughing up a lung from the (*(^%$^&((^&%$ Sahara Sands that are STILL floating around, I've barely had time to sit down.

By the way, we had a commenter ask if I was even in Puerto Rico, because the air wasn't nearly as bad where he was.

He lives in Aguadilla. (pronounced Agua-DEE-ya, for all you gringos). Here's clue number one: Everything is Aguadilla is better than San Juan. The people. The traffic. The air. The water. I've told plenty of people who have asked me where to go in PR, "Get the hell away from San Juan. The farther from San Juan you go, the better the island gets." And I mean it. San Juan Antigua has some great historical sites (as well as a damn fine cigar shop), but you can spend a day there, and then you need to get the hell away from the city and go see the island.

Leaving San Juan is like a breath of fresh air. Mainly because the air in San Juan is so polluted to begin with that just getting away from here is a step in the right direction. Around San Juan, the water is a brownish-blue, with very little in the way of sea life to go snorkling for. The farther away you go, the cleaner the water gets. I spend a day at a beach near an old AF base called Base Ramey, and the water there was crystal blue. The kind of blue that you only see in magazines or on the Discovery Channel.

Nice golf course there as well. Designed for President Eisenhower. No kidding.

Anyways, I'm still in allergy hell. If I didn't know better, I would say that I have pneumonia again, except that I don't feel sick, I'm just having difficulty breathing. And then I look at the brown air outside, and understand just what the hell is going on. So yes, Terter, it really is that bad over here. Thank your lucky stars that you live where you do. I'm on a couple different allergy medications, and I'm still having issues.

Anyways, off I go again. I hope that y'alls weekend is going better than mine.

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