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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Gonna be a busy day

Got back that money that the government takes from you all year long. Need new mattresses. Need some plants for the yard. Paid off one of our debts, which gives our monthly budget just a little more wiggle room. We can now afford to buy things like shoes. HA! I kid! We can only get new shoelaces!

No, seriously, we need new mattresses for our bed. So we'll be off and running around today, getting things that we've been holding off buying for a while. We're also looking at purchasing an embroidery machine so that the wife can make some money on the side with various projects. Getting rid of that debt account was a big step as well.

Just a little advice - if you want to die rich, the very first thing you need to do is get out of debt. Period. Pay off your credit cards. Get rid of your loans. Once you're not paying hundreds of dollars a month just to pay back your creditors, you'll be amazed at how much extra money you have. While the Mrs. and I are still paying off our mistakes from when we lived in Seattle, this was a big first step. And as I said, it'll give our monthly budget some breathing room, as well as allow us to pay off our other debts quicker. I wanted to be debt free by the time I left this duty station, but that's not going to happen. I will be in a much better position, however, and that's worth quite a bit of money in the future.

So, till later, toodles!

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