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Saturday, January 06, 2007

They won with cheating and lies

So why should we expect them to clean up their act now that they're in power?

Democrats using the Constitution as toilet paper, in effect. Can anyone other than Drumwaster tell me why the nation's capitol is not part of any state? I'll give you a hint - that was done on purpose.

Any promise from the Democrats American Communist Party can be discarded as the lie it really is. After screaming for bipartisanship, the Donks can't be bothered to show it when they're in charge.

Barney Frank accuses President Bush of "ethnic cleansing". This coming from a man who let his gay boyfriend run a prostitution ring out of Frank's government paid for apartment. He shouldn't be in Congress, he should be in jail. But I guess funding a prostitution ring is perfectly fine if you're a Dimocrat.

The American Communist Party now has a former Grand Kleagle 3rd in line to the presidency. Let's hear it for tolerance, Dimocrat style!

The American Communist Party makes sure that they stay in power by putting the fox in charge of the henhouse.

Under investigation for bribery? Caught with cold hard cash in bundles in your freezer? Don't worry, as long as you're a black Dimocrat, you get a standing ovation!

I don't know if I need to go on. Suffice to say, everything we've predicted in terms of Dimocrat malfeasance and corruption has come true. The Dimocrats are not interested in a clean, open government. They are the true parasites, burying themselves like hookworms and tapeworms into the guts of this country, sucking the life out of America while ensuring that they cannot be eradicated.

We have two years of damage control at the least. And they way the Dimocrats are attaching themselves deeper and deeper into the channels of power, I don't know if we can eradicate them in time to save this country.

We'll see. Maybe we can survive the damage they'll do in the next two years.

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