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Saturday, January 06, 2007

I want you all to read that post

And just savor, SAVOR the liberal sense of entitlement.

On Christmas Eve I went to a party where the four liberal families I previously discussed were present, and followed your advice. After bringing up the emergency kit issue again, lots of people complained and teased me (in a good natured way) but as expected, the ”we’ll just come to your house” meme reared its ugly head. I stated, as you suggested, that I would *NOT* help them in an emergency unless they first took measures to help themselves. This did not go over well. Much argument followed. The net result:

1) I am no longer welcome at any of the four homes (no great loss).

2) I am now morally equivalent to Hitler and George Bush.

3) One woman called me a potential child molester (I’m not sure of the logic, but it had something to do with not helping her starving kiddies when the world goes whacky).

4) Republicans are evil, therefore, I am evil (being a Libertarian, this seemed a bit unfair, but the finer points of political philosophy were lost in the debate).

5) Another woman (a hardcore feminist) screamed “I’ll call the police!! Hoarding in an emergency is just wrong. You won’t get away with it.”

6) The case of home brew ale I brought to the party was consumed (even some liberals have good taste in beer).

7) It was the females who did most of the ranting about my vile character and lack of moral fiber. They also had the worst potty mouths.

8) As I was leaving (actually, “kicked out” ) one of the guys said, with complete sincerity: “If things get bad, I really hope you’ll help us out.” I said nothing, just shook my head and left.

"How DARE you refuse to help us even though we refuse to prepare ourselves!" If this doesn't explain the Leftist mindset in a nutshell, I don't know what does. I don't know what areas my readers live in, but I currently reside in a hurricane prone island with a history of power outages and supply shortages. So when the Raging Mrs. and I got down here, did we whine and seeth about how we hope someone will help us in an emergency?

Fuck no.

We set up an emergency store of food. Non-perishable. A few MRE's and a lot of canned goods. We ensured that we had ways to cook said food. We put away gallon bottles of distilled water. Three gallons per day per person for a week. We keep a supply of gasoline behind the house, and we rotate it constantly, either in the lawn mower or in the truck. Once the basics were taken care of, we began buying what I consider luxuries. A generator, large enough to run the fridge, the TV, and a few lights. A camp shower that runs off of a battery and propane. One bottle of propane and one charged battery gives us one hundred gallons of hot water, and we can use any water that isn't filled with debris. Things like that.

Now, other than the fact that I live in a gun-fearing wussy shithole where only the criminals have guns, I am as ready as I possibly can be. If we got hit by a hurricane, as long as my house was still halfway standing, the wife and I could exist for a week without any help from anyone. And you know what? That is what I expect from anyone living in a disaster prone area. At least the basics, the food and water. If you live in an area where G-d may just decide to take a crap on you, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that if everything goes to hell, you can live!

But I guess if you're a liberal, you just go whine and cry to the people who actually have a brain and prepare themselves.

That, my friends, is arrogance on such a scale that the brain can scarcely comprehend it.

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