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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday talk shows: The Democrats were relentless today

It's all Bush's fault. The most common "meme" was that "we don't have the respect and partnership of other nations so we are powerless to influence what is happening in Lebanon".

Oy! Like maybe if we were better friends with France, Bush and Chirac could do a joint presser, and Hezbolla would stand down, thinking: "Holy shit! Jacques is pissed! Let's get back to tea!"


And then there was Joe Biden with Tim Russert, saying we need to get one on one with North Korea and say: "Hey Jack, this is the way it's gonna be."

No, he really did say "Hey Jack".


Biden said we should get with North Korea one on one and tell them if they do the right things we won't mess with them but if they do the wrong things we will. And he was SERIOUS.

The crack squad at NBC didn't have the appropriate graphic ready, naturally.

Ace saw the same kind of thing.

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