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Monday, July 17, 2006

Because they're better than anyone else

Judges are now allowed to pack pistols while on duty in New York.

So tell me, if judges are in such danger that they're allowed to pack a pistol while on the bench, in a courthouse, with some of the highest security you can find in a city, what about the rest of us poor bastards who have to live our lives without all the security enhancements? Try getting a concealed carry permit in NYC, and see what happens. I have a better chance of growing a third arm than getting a permit to carry concealed in New York.

But I guess those judges are more equal than us, eh?

Look, I'm not pissed because they're allowed to pack some heat, I'm pissed that they're allowed to carry while the plebes are told to fuck off on a daily basis. Yes, judges make some enemies, and in New York some of those enemies have a long reach. But I guarantee that there are parts of the city that are more dangerous than any courtroom could ever be, and the people who live there are not allowed to protect themselves with a handgun. But a judge is allowed to carry a concealed pistol while sitting in one of the most protected environments the city can provide.

To me, that's elitism, plain and simple. Anyone see it a different way?

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