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Friday, December 09, 2005

Why should military servicemen vote for Democrats?

"Where you have our uniformed members being put in a position where it looks like they're rooting for one side or another is very disconcerting," said Greg Noone, a former Navy lawyer. I actually agree with this statement, and it is sad that the Democrat Party has alienated the military to such an extent. It is the Democrat Party leadership that has been openly rooting for defeat in Iraq, to the point where all al Qaeda leader Zawahiri has to do is echo Democrat Party leaders. The Democrat Party leadership seems to have a sickness that makes them believe they can only win when bad things happen to America. In recent months, the Democrat National Party leaders have repeatedly compared our military to Nazis, waged war on military recruitment and ROTC; they've said that the military is broken and we need to retreat/surrender, that the U.S. is going to lose the War in Iraq, and that American soldiers are terrorists.
You know, there are people who terrorize young children and women. And they're called U.N. peacekeepers. And in the Congo, they trade in child sex with girls as young as four. They do so at sex operations not just in the child sex operations and U.N. peacekeeping, not just in the Congo, but in West Africa, and the Balkans, and out in Cambodia, too. And the press couldn't be less interested in it. So if there were really members of the 3rd Infantry Division, or the Marines or whatever, terrorizing Iraqi women and children, you can bet that CNN and the BBC and the New York Times and the Washington Post would all be there covering it 24/7. [Kerry] is just making it up.
The demonic party has even tried to disenfranchise military servicemen. (In the 2000 Presidential election, after vigorous challenges by Gore canvassers, 1,527 of the postal ballots from soldiers and sailors on active service were rejected.) And to top it all off, Democrats constantly invoke their own military service in attempts to silence those who oppose their views (e.g., Kerry, Murtha - yet you never heard anyone pointing to Cunningham's military record to defend him). Given all of this antagonism from the Democrat Party leadership towards military personel, it should not surprise anyone that the vast majority of military servicemen vote Republican.

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