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Monday, December 12, 2005

Elephant vs Pacifist - Dean's Defender Picks Cherry

It seems a snipit of my bombastic rhetoric has earned the attention of one Doug Dobbins, a Podcaster who's December 12th podcast referenced this quote from my post on Progress and Defeat for Defeatist Democrats:

"The Vermont abortionist went further, telling us his plans for troop "redeployment". He said that he backed the redeployment of 20,000 troops to Afghanistan and a force in the Middle East to deal with al Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, but not in Iraq. Wow! Just let him have Iraq, right Dr. Death? Pining for a slaughter that the Khmer Rouge would hail you for?

Now Doug didn't actually address the substance of my quote. His inclusion of my quote was merely an attempt to paint the right wing as a bunch of wackos. Hey, Doug, note the blog name. It is a badge of honor. I responded to Doug by sending him a comment and responding to his much appreciated notification in the comments of my post. And I'm basically going to cover the same ground a third time here:

I'm not sure whether or not Doug clicked the "Khmer Rouge" link, but seeing as he's a self admitted member of the "you break it you bought it crowd" and wants to end "unneeded" deaths, he should enthusiastically join us Right Wing Wackos in denouncing the politicization of Murtha, Dean, Pelos, Kerry, and the rest of the Democrats who are calling for "immediate withdrawal". But instead, Doug cites Wesley Clark in a moment of similar political opportunism as he calls for a diplomatic solution to dealing with terrorists because as he reminds us "it can not be done militarily" (as if our strategy was ever solely a military one). News flash, Doug! Iraqi insurgents ARE laying down their arms and seeking truces with their fellow citizens as well as issuing warnings to the terrorists that they will retaliate if they attack them for their political participation. This is the situation that we've created in Iraq by our dedication to creating a democracy in Iraq and fighting those who oppose it. The Sunni Arabs now feel that they are better off partipating than fighting. No thanks to General Clark, or to those that consider the spread of freedom as having "broken" Iraq. Doug ignored an awful lot of success listed in my blog entry to highlight the quote he chose. Funny that!

Oh. And it's "pining" that's "pine-ing". It means he feels a lingering, nostalgic desire to witness a slaughter post leftist-forced withdrawal of US forces from armed conflict such as took place when the Khmer Rouge slaughtered a couple of million cambodians upon or exit from the war in Viet Nam which he mentioned specifically.

How's that cherry taste, Doug?

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