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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Raging Mrs. speaks

Every now and then, the Raging Mrs. will see a certain behavior that sets her off. She'll grit her teeth, mutter something under her breath, and I'll turn to her and say "Why don't you write that down? Get it off your chest."

She finally took my advice. And I'm going to post it. So get ready folks, because here is the unedited version of the Raging Mrs' essay.

The Anatomy of a Woman
From a woman’s point of view

A few years ago my best friend told me that a woman had bitten off his head because he “opened a door for her”. Before this point I had never understood just how ball-biting feminism is. Over the years I have discovered many more “truth’s” from this misunderstood ideal. There are some feminists that believe that any intercourse with a man is “rape”. Unfortunately as far as I can tell what feminism validates is women hating men because they want to conquer men. The sexes are different. If we are equal then, why are the rules changed as soon as we are allowed in? Why are men not allowed to have their own clubs, but god forbid a man wants into a woman only club. Hell breaks loose.

I should probably explain my viewpoint on this matter. I am a woman. I can and will do what I am capable of. This does not mean that I should not allow a man to be courteous and carry heavy things for me, or open a door. Is that not Chivalry. As I said, “I am a woman”, what I did not say is, that it is a damn good thing and men better take notice and appreciate.

I do come from a traditional background. I believe there is a reason that the traditional roles lasted as long as they did. It really utilized both sexes to their best. The woman is able to nurture, care for the house, bear and raise the children, and the man is the hunter-gatherer-provider and protector.

Who ever came up with the lie that "you can have everything" needs to be hung. Too many women believe that they can have the faithful husband, 2.5 children, the dog, the cat, keep up with the Jones’s, climb the corporate ladder and NOTHING will suffer.


The only difference between the woman who says she “doesn’t need a man” and still thinks she can achieve all of the above and the woman above, is that the afore mentioned has her husbands balls in her purse, and might allow him to see them once in a while. Kim du Toit illustrates this very poignantly in his essay
"The Pussification of the Western Male"

The reality is that our youth is all the proof you should need to know that it doesn’t work. Children need a parent at home. If they do not have that stability, they become almost incapable of stability. What they learn is all of the bad! They learn that money is everything and to disrespect and talk back to their parents. They disrespect their parent because they are cared for, they are ornamentation for their parents convenience. If you do not feel that you matter, you will not give respect!

Despite the “ideal” that we should be able to do it all, who stays home when the kids are sick? Who goes to the Parent-Teacher conferences? Who cooks dinner? Who cleans the house? Who is sooooo stressed out that they snap when all their child wants is a little bit of quality time? Gee, it might just be the woman that can’t see straight, because she “wants it all”!

If she were willing to give up the corporate ladder the family could be a lot happier. A lot of people might ask why can’t the man stay home with the children? The answer is that men are made to endure in physical hardship. A lot of men have a hard time with emotional hardship. You can try to tell me this is because they were not taught to deal with it. I do not believe that to be the case. Have you seen men that were raised by women, with little or no male influence? They come into the world not quite knowing how to be a man, and highly confused about women. This confusion is more than with most men, it is a mix of hating, loving, wanting to conquer and feeling a need to submit. It torments them, they are constantly tortured by this confusion.

A woman can climb the corporate ladder if she is willing to make sacrifices in her personal life. If you want to climb the corporate ladder, the husband may be doable, but do not bring kids into this mix. Three months is not long enough to stay home with the baby! Who would raise them, the nanny? I think Fran Dresser is married and busy with her step children.

This leads me to a related topic, wages, equal pay for equal work. Many women would have you believe that they earn less then men for the exact same work. This is wrong, if you look at the quality of work, the time spent at work, productivity, etc…, you would usually find that women are getting paid equal money for equal work. I have no doubt that there are exceptions in both directions.

At this point you probably think I hate women. That is not the case. I hate the behaviors women have that destroy society. If women would understand how precious the ability to nurture and run a house is, instead of thinking it’s menial, I truly believe they would be much happier. It takes a special person to be a house wife.

I believe the acceptance and embracing of traditional values would make the divorce rate plummet!

I will preface these next statements with the knowledge that I am a very assertive, to the point, independent woman, who is incapable of backing down. Having said that….

I believe that we as women need to nurture our men, dress for them, cook for them, make them want to come home after they have been away for even a few minutes. We should spend every day seducing and enjoying our men in every way fathomable. Though, if they have crossed the line, we need to let them know, and not pass it off until we are ready to kill them.

Men need to be allowed to provide for us, protect us, care for us, and love is in their way. They also need to call us on it, as soon as we step out of line.

Does this work in reality? HELL YEAH!!!

My husband and I have been together for over 4 years, we just celebrated our 1st anniversary. We live by these rules every day. We are better for it, our relationship is better for it. Every day is like a honeymoon. Usually when I have tried to give him “guy time”, he has invited me along. My husband is no where near whipped. I did a “spine check” before we had dated a month. He is the only person capable of pulling me back, when I have gone over the edge.

The reality is that I believe that we should be allowed many places. I do not believe we should use the court system for it. I think we should earn it. As I look at all of the double standards enacted by women after they have forced their way into places, it makes me sick. Here is an example.

The US Army Physical fitness requirements

For someone 32-36
Men Exercise Women
36 push-ups 15
42 sit ups 42
17:42 2 mile run 21:42

These standards are not even close to each other. To further demonstrate the difference, usually men easily pass this test, while most women struggle to meet their lesser requirements. These are the people defending our country. Do you want someone next to you that you that can not fulfill their duties because of lesser standards.

I think the women should have the same standard as the men. I do not mean that we should drop the male standard, I mean we should do away with the female standard and have everyone go by the higher requirements. Yes, this would eliminate a lot of women. The important point is that if a woman is in the US Army, under the same standards, we would know they earned their position, as an equal.

Unfortunately women are notorious for having double standards. Women want into the men’s clubs, gyms, sports teams…. And when a man tries to fight back using the same tactics the same women who are screaming for equality show such venom about a man daring to invade their space.

These are the same women that wear tight fitting clothing, that shows every curve, and if you look at them, or compliment them, they file a sexual harassment suite, getting YOU fired!!!

Laugh if you will. A few years ago in Salem Oregon a state worker was sued for sexual harassment because he looked at a woman for a few seconds, on one occasion. This is how extreme and out of had it is.

Quite honestly another reason that I believe most feminism to be such a sham is that it has taught women to be vile back-stabbing politicking creatures that can not be trusted. Just look at how badly women behave in order to “get to the top”. I see too many of these women. I recognize them almost immediately. I want nothing to do with them. I only deal with them if absolutely necessary. I do not like having to ask what they see in it for them, and how I am going to get screwed this time. Women don’t just do that for work, they do it for men, for pleasure, the fun of it. Yes, a lot of women get off by seeing just how bad they can be. Unfortunately a lot of men let them get away with it.

Let me tell you guys…
Yes, I have known women like this that would take your used condom, out of the trash, and use it with a turkey baster, later, making you pay child support, for her greed. These are the same women that will stalk you, press false rape charges, cut up your belongings, destroy your car, kill your dog assuming you have one.

They really are vile. If you let a woman get away with bad behavior, even once, she knows it is acceptable and will therefore continue it until her dying day.

I will finish this concept with what I consider to be some honest thinking

Have you ever heard of Tom Leykis?
A lot of people hate him. I happen to think he is right in most of his opinions. Of course there are times when I think he needs a grip.

Tom Leykis official website

My second reference is Heinlein’s “To Sail Beyond the Sunset”. I consider this a fairly good military wives handbook. Get past the infidelity and other oddities and you have a lot of great suggestions for a happy relationship or marriageJ

Well this is a goodly part of my opinion about today’s women and feminist.
I hope my husband will request me to offer my opinion in the future.

Until then…

The Raging Mrs.

(Raging Dave comments) Let me add just a little bit of my own thoughts on the matter. Civilization didn't start because some caveman clubbed a wolly mammoth over the head and drug it home. Civilization started because there was a home for that caveman to come back to. Thanks to a woman.

The point is that being a mother is special. Taking care of the home is special. Guys don't have more than one woman as their wife (well, unless you're part of the very odd 1% in America). When a woman assumes the role of nurturer and mother, she's assuming a position of responsibility that no one else can fill. Being a homemaker doesn't degrade anybody, it makes you special.

But when you come out and declare your equality, and put yourself beside us every dayin the workplace? Well, there's plenty of people at work who are all the same as us. Women take themselves out of their special positions every day and join the ranks as just another worker. Only with boobs. You're no longer special. Pardon me for being crude, but just as many "fathers" today are in reality nothing more than sperm donors, a woman who removes what makes her special in the intrest of "equality" is just a sperm receptical. And I know that statement is going to piss people off, but so be it. The worst thing that feminism did was teach women that men weren't important, and teach men that sex is free.

Women, if all you have to offer a man is sex, then that's all you'll get in return. Think about it. Sex, while extremly fun, isn't that special. And that's all I'm going to say on this post.

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