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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Is the momentum gone?

Links and commentary galore at Instapundit. The central gist is that support for the war has waned and the President isn't out there beating the drums as he had been, up until about six months ago. Insofar as waning support draws power from the men and women at risk, I agree that the momentum needs to be regained.

There are points made that the President might be just plum tuckered out. I'm into that, and it makes me wonder: Where are our Senators? Why must the President carry the rhetorical ball all by his lonesome? Are our GOP Senators not out there? Do they not support the war? Are they afraid for their political lives and jockeying (like Senator Hagel)? Or are they out there and supportive but cannot get coverage?

I'll be damned if I'd not give my proverbial eye teeth for a couple GOP fellas (or gals) who'd be willing to go Zel Miller on Hardball or CNN or Today or wherever and snarl a bit, raised voice, angry-eyed, and remind Americans just who it is that we are facing in this war. Seems like an easy task, pointing out the necessity of fighting Radical Islam. It's not like there's a dearth of fodder to feed to rhetoric.

Alas but instead we see GOP 2008 polls and at the top is Rudy Giuliani. I like him but hot damn can't we get a couple ravers out there to pound the message home?

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