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Monday, June 20, 2005

Some light reading to go with your morning coffee

Score one for Jimmy with What’s the Real Question in America? It's concluding statement:
'Hiatt asks us if we’re as good as we could be and the answer is “of course not". But he also asks if we’re as good as we expect other nations to be and the answer to that is “No. We’re far better".'
And in case you were getting confused, Dr. Sanity has devised a useful guide so we can tell newsworthy events from un-newsworthy events, then he almost puts you to sleep before bringing out the big guns with The Media and the Rise of International Terrorism. A taste:
'It may already be too late to stop the now mutually co-dependent behavior that has become increasingly common between terrorism and journalism--the one seeking international attention at all costs; the other seeking a story at all costs.'
FrontPage brings news you won't hear on CNN:
Allawi made public information discovered by the Iraqi secret service in the archives of the Saddam Hussein regime, which sheds light on the relationship between Saddam Hussein and the Islamic terrorist network.
Guess who came to visit, and guess who came to stay... You'll have to read the article.

A Saudi named Nadine makes some interesting observations about her fellow Arabs and their attitude towards the U.S.:
' brother came back from school with a different idea. “Our teacher assures us that America is the enemy and that we have to hate and boycott it,” he said.
I gazed at the walls of his room and asked him: “You want to boycott America like your teacher told you to?” He bobbed his head up and down in agreement. So I said: “Then take down all these posters of famous wrestlers and rock stars, stop wearing your American-style clothes, quit watching their movies, toss out your personal computer, change your Western-inspired haircut, and replace your way of living that is so taken by the American culture with something else…
He immediately interrupted me: “Come on, sis, I was only joking!”'
And finally, Hugh Hewitt puts the Dick Durbin situation in context:
'...Durbin's detailed argument asserts that the conditions and practices at Gitmo amount to "torture," and are part of a pattern that began at Abu Ghraib and continues throughout the world...
Durbin's argument ... implies that the American military has built a global network of Abu Ghraibs/Gitmos, wherein systematic torture of prisoners is taking place, all of it under the control of the United States military. On Tuesday, Durbin referred to the "torture techniques used at Abu Ghraib and Gitmo and elsewhere" and by Friday, Durbin was making the argument that Abu Ghraib equals Gitmo openly: "This FBI memo points to it. It is the kind of thing that happened at Abu Ghraib."
Of course Durbin will not segregate the criminal conduct by a handful of out-of-control G.I.'s not acting under orders--and already prosecuted and punished--from the authorized conduct at Gitmo and elsewhere. To do so would be to protect the military's reputation, but it would damage Durbin's agenda of demonizing the war effort.'
The single thing that seems to pretty much unite all of the Demonrats (and the media) in lockstep is a hatred for George Bush and Republicans. I honestly thought it would end after the '04 elections, but I was obviously wrong. The Senate will continue to obstruct, block, whine, rant, lie, cheat, and in Durbin's case commit treason until the populace has had enough and says so with one very loud voice. I mean, have you heard these yahoos in the media spinning Durbin's "statement of regret?" Without all the bullshit, what it means is: Durbin didn't mean to call the troops Nazis, he meant to call Bush a Nazi. And nobody has a problem with this? I guess not. Not ABCNBCCBSCNNNYTPBSFOXNPRLAT. It's been done before. It's been done to death. Nobody bats an eye anymore.

Day after day, month after month, year after year, every newspaper I look at, every news program on tv with the rare (FOX) exception attacks the President. If you look for it, it is there almost every time. Every poll result, every economic report, "...looks like bad news for the President." Even their opposition to the war effort is just opposition to Bush. If a Demonrat were president, we'd have bombed the crap out of both Iran and Syria by now. We might not be building schools there, but they'd have some nice new craters. You don't think so? Look at Bosnia. Look at Vietnam.

Every news story you see on tv or in the established press about Iraq is negative. Even when there is good news, it is nested in negative news. Always a crisis. Always getting worse. Always on the verge of complete chaos. CNN can't even say the word IRAQ without putting the word VIOLENCE or DEAD right next to it. What a load of bullshit! And don't even tell me they did it to Clinton too. He left men to be butchered in Somalia and the media looked the other way. He sent our jets into Bosnia and Kosovo and they cheered, for what? What did Bosnia and Kosovo have to do with us? They defended Clinton even as he was screwing a teenage intern - a huge story, but Newsweak didn't care! They said the impeachment was not what the people wanted, as if that had anything to do with breaking the law (perjury is a felony). Trial by (rigged) polls. They celebrated and revered his ability to lie. A total disconnect between actions and consequences - yay! Thanks to Bill, blowjobs don't count, and STDs are rampant in our high schools as a result. But that George Bush, they think he's freakin evil for trying to protect this country from massmurdering subhuman islamofascists.

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