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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Linky Love!

John Cross is pissed. Can't say I blame him. If that fat parasite came to my state to blather away, I'd be pretty damn pissed as well.

Kim du Toit voices his opinion about the "new" government nutrition standards. Here's my two cents:

The government, being about as competent as a skanked out hooker on qualudes, should shut the hell up and get the hell out of our lives. When it comes to what a person should eat, the last group of mental fuck-ups I want giving me advice is the government. Does anyone remember the hullaballo about eggs? "Eggs are good! Low in fat! Eat more eggs!" A few years later, "EEEEEEEK! CHOLESTORAL! EGGS ARE BAD! DON'T EAT EGGS!" A few years after that, "Oh, GOOD cholestoral. Who woulda thunk it? Eat some eggs". And meanwhile, those of us who don't give one flying fuck about what the government says we should eat were eating eggs all along and doing fine.

I can't recall any organization being so wrong so often on the subject of nutrition than the US Government. Take all their standards and advice and toss it in the trash. Or burn it. Whatever works for you.

And as for this "Center for Science for the Public Intrest", they can go fuck themselves with a running chainsaw. The one page I saw looks like their just another government money sucking group of fuckoffs that can't find real jobs. Either that, or they're the ultimate in nanny-state worshiping Leftists, in which case they should just be shot on sight.

John Fonda Kerry's blathering about the economy is proven to be utter bullshit once again. Gee, what a surprise.

Francis Poretto remarks on the exchange between Barbara Boxer and Condi Rice. See, this is the perfect example of how I couldn't work in the government for very long. If I was verbally attacked by this worthless parasite, I'm sure I would try to say just what Mr. Poretto does, but what would come out of my mouth would sound more like "Shut the fuck up, you communist bitch. If you and your Democrat pals hadn't been so busy sucking dictator dick every chance you got, you might have actually HEARD THE PRESIDENT SAY THAT THERE WAS NO EMMINANT THREAT!"

I wouldn't last too long.

Oh, and Mr. Poretto also opines on what could laughingly be called "modern art". Again, here's my two cents:

Once poetry and art became political, it was in effect ruined. Art should have no political boundries, because one of the things that makes art great is it's ability to reach beyond political borders. The Sistine Chapel is beautiful, no matter what your politics are. But most art today? Take a guess what side of the political spectrum it's on?

Here's a hint - try to find out how many conservatives are on the National Endowment for the Arts payroll. Not damn many. (And if the NEA died tomorrow, I'd celebrate.)

Maybe I'll find some more for ya later.

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