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Friday, August 20, 2004

Swift Boat Vets and the Media

I just got to listen to NPR for a couple hours, and watched some CNN and MSNBC this week. They NEVER mention the Swift Vets without mentioning Republican money. I have NEVER heard anyone mention Mike Moore or MoveOn's donors. Amazing.

On NPR they had a debate between two leftists and of course last night on CNN the same thing and what is odd to me is that very few in the media seem interested in learning if what the vets state is true.

The two guys on NPR were allegedly media critics. They actually agreed on this point:

"The MoveOn [AWOL] ad is much less disturbing because, unlike the Swiftboat ad, while MoveOn cannot prove its claim that Bush went AWOL, Bush cannot *disprove* it either."

Simply and utterly astounding.

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