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Friday, April 30, 2004

Tent Cities

There's a Tent City in Seattle, set up by the homeless. It moves around from time to time, aided and abetted by the local politicians. And yes, I meant to use those words.

If anyone needs a reminder how I feel about the homeless, fine. I've also extrapolated on that issue here. As far as I'm concerned, the moonbats are simply enabling the homeless to remain homeless. But they're not homeless, trust me. I drive past Tent City on my way to the dogpark. Read all the nice things that the local politicians have to say. I just have one question -

If these "homeless" people are able to organize a law abiding settlement (according to the Politicians!), and if they are able to get legal council to represent them in King County, WHY FOR FUCK'S SAKE CAN'T THEY GET A FUCKING JOB?!?!?!?!?!

Trust me, folks. There are HUNDREDS of organizations in King County who's sole purpose is to assist the homeless. One of my co-workers was truly homeless for a short time. She keeps the list of organizations just to show people how many there are. It's not one or two pages, it's a frigging book, and they're available to anyone who needs help.

The only reason to be homeless in Seattle right now is from CHOICE. And if it's your CHOICE to live in a tent, if it's your CHOICE to not work, if it's your CHOICE to drink all day, if it's your CHOICE to suck off the government's teat, then it's MY CHOICE to tell you "FUCK OFF, YOU LAZY BUM!" Rot in the street for all I care. You choose not to work, then I choose not to help your lazy ass. The government already takes assloads of my money, you're not getting another damn dime of it.

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