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Friday, January 30, 2004

For your Consideration

I present this.

House Democrats yesterday proposed granting legal residency and the eventual option of U.S. citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants now working in the United States.

Laying out their own principles for revamping the nation's immigration laws in response to what House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called President Bush's "political ploy," Democrats went beyond Mr. Bush's plan for a temporary-worker program and called for a system of "earned legalization" for illegal aliens.

At a Capitol Hill press conference, Democrats proposed allowing illegal immigrants who have worked in the United States for a yet-to-be-determined minimum period of time to stay here and be granted permanent legal residency, creating a "pathway" to eventual citizenship.

So, Bush's bill is a bad thing (and I really can't find anyone who thinks it's a GOOD thing), but now the Donk's are going to take it one step further? I knew they were idiots, but I can't believe that they're this damn stupid.

Well, I can believe it with Pelosi, but the rest of them?

"The president's proposal is a political ploy, and not the solid foundation on which we can build an improved immigration policy," said Mrs. Pelosi of California. "Democrats have a better way."

Excuse me you Botoxed Bitch, but the fact that you can say that with a straight face tells me that your plastic surgeon overdid it with the needle. The only way you couldn't laugh after saying that was the fact that you are physically incapable of laughing.

Mrs. Pelosi said Mr. Bush's recently proposed plan doesn't create a meaningful way for illegal aliens to become U.S. residents or citizens; doesn't reduce the backlog of U.S. citizens' petitions on behalf of relatives who are here illegally; and doesn't help tens of thousands of teenage illegals attend college here and eventually be granted legal status.

In addition to proposing measures to address those concerns, Democrats endorsed a temporary-worker program that would give foreigners the option to stay in the United States and eventually earn permanent legal status here.

President Bush's plan, in contrast, would allow illegal aliens already here, as well as newcomers, to work in the United States legally for three years under a temporary-worker program. When their three-year permits expired, such immigrant workers would be required to return to their home countries.

"doesn't create a meaningful way for illegal aliens to become U.S. residents"? You're damn right! BECAUSE THEY'RE ILLEGAL, YOU BRAINLESS BINT! Let them come back when they've filled out their damn paperwork! Swimming across the Rio Grande doesn't mean you get to live here! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! HAS THE ENTIRE CITY OF WASHINGTON DC LOST THEIR EVER-LOVING MINDS???? DEAR GOD, IF THE ENTIRE CITY WERE BOMBED TO THE GROUND, THE AMERICAN IQ AVERAGE WOULD RISE BY AT LEAST 30 POINTS!!!

I couldn't believe Bush's proposal would help America. I still don't. It's a steaming pile of crap, and everybody with half a brain knows it. But this is even worse. You want to know why Bush can get away with ALL the crap he does? Because every time is base supporters are getting alienated, the Donks show that they're ten times worse. Every dollar that Bush spends, the Donks try to spend ten. Although when your party is led by a fucking communist, you shouldn't be suprised when they go off the deep end.

Anyway, John Cole (who the link above goes to) has this to say about the whole thing:

There are only two ways to look at, as either a cynical ploy or additional bumbling by these clueless nitwits. Let's examine the possibilities.

1.) A Cynical Ploy- While phrasing the President's policy proposal on illegal immigration and undocumented workers a 'political ploy,' it is entirely possible that this is nothing but sheer cynicism on their part. One of the major problems that Democrats in general have is on perceptions of national security, and one of the major difficulties for a Democratic candidate is a credible rush to the center after proving he was a worthy leftist in the primaries.

With that in mind, it might be possible that they floated this ludicrous amnesty for illegal aliens proposal so that the Democratic nominee can come out lodly and denounce it, thus having a Sister Souljah moment. The candidate could then swerve to the right of Bush, and point out that not enough has been done to secure the borders, etc. This is the only way I can see this proposal in a positive way for the Democrats.

2.) Additional Bumbling from the Gang that Couldn't Shoot Straight- There is a possibility that the hard left in Congress, led by Pelosi and Daschle, simply hate Bush so much that they created this short-sighted proposal just to have another opportunity to attack Bush and to do a little recreational race-baiting. If so, then they have cut off their collective noses to spite their faces.

Either way, Pelosi needs to be taken out back and shot. If not for this, then for the fact that she's used enough Botox for the entire San Francisco district.

I loath the Donks more and more with every passing day.

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