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Monday, December 15, 2003

Spinning In Their Graves!

Remind them!! Every time one of the liberals you debate mentions "it's great that Saddam is gone" and then continues spewing their blithering idiocy, REMIND THEM!


Remind them EVERY TIME they bring it up! This is not a poltical victory for them as well. President George W. Bush wanted to get rid of Saddam, and at every turn they obstructed his effort to accomplish this goal by accusing anyone who supported this effort of waging (to say the least) an unjust war. They used every set back we experienced to their political advantage. They did their best to diminish every success (for fear that Bush would rightly benefit politically from them). They tout an imagined failure of diplomacy by our President as being responsible for the attitude and actions of some of our allies.

THEY DO NOT BENEFIT FROM THIS SUCCESS. It belongs to the men and women that fought and died to make it happen, and to those that supported them in their mission.

Remind them of that every time you hear, "it's good that we got him, but".

As our friend Kevin said in response to just this sort of stupidity:

Their "words truly ring hollow".

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