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Monday, December 15, 2003

Showing Their Bias

Bush Takes a Poke at Howard Dean By Steve Holland (seething liberal) WASHINGTON (Reuters)

“President Bush broke his own rule against being drawn into early political exchanges on Monday when he took his first direct poke at anti-war Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean. “

"Direct"?!?!? Is responding to a regurgitated accusation from a reporter "a direct poke"? What did he say:

"It's an absurd insinuation," said Bush, his eyes narrowing.

When St. Dean is about to pop a fuckin’ blood vessel does Steve here comment “…said Dean, the vein in his neck bulging.”? So what was Bush replying to with this “poke at Dean”?

Question (NOT INCLUDED IN STEVE"S ACCOUNT) - “Howard Dean recently seemed to muse aloud whether you had advance knowledge of 9/11. Do you agree or disagree with the RNC that this kind of rhetoric borders on political hate speech? “

Continuing with Steve's rant:

“Dean has riled Republicans in recent weeks by tossing out a theory that Bush had advance warning from Saudi Arabia of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, suggesting Bush knew what was going to happen and did nothing to stop it. “

Would you like to see what this fuckin’ asshole, Steve Holland, is talking about in the above quote?


"The most interesting theory that I have heard so far . . . ," Dean responded, "is that he was warned ahead of time by the Saudis."

Days pass......

“I don't believe that," the candidate said, then added: "But we don't know, and it'd be a nice thing to know." He concluded: "Because the president won't give information to the Kean Commission, we really don't know what the explanation is."

"Where did Dean pick it up? A Dean spokesman told this column it was "out there." A rival Democratic candidate's campaign suspected it came from "some blog." The Russian newspaper Pravda published reports that Jordan's and Morocco's intelligence -- not Saudi Arabia's -- gave the CIA advance knowledge. The World Socialists circulated a story that the Saudi royal family knew of the attack in advance. Somehow, the urban legend penetrated Dean's mind."

Back to Steve again:

“When asked about the theory, Bush at first stuck to his formulation that "there's time for politics" later and that he has a job to do first. But then he could not resist rejecting the theory."

"he could not resist"? What? Is he sneaking a fuckin' cookie?! Having one more potato chip?

"It's an absurd insinuation," said Bush, his eyes narrowing."

“A presidential news conference, hastily arranged to celebrate the capture of Saddam Hussein allowed Bush to use the White House bully pulpit to send Americans the message that he is in charge and wanting to keep his job next year. “

”hastily”? Was it "hastily arranged"? I honestly don't know, and I'm not taking Steve's word for it!

“He focused on the positive -- Saddam's capture –“

Perhaps he was just focusing on the news of the fuckin’ day you prick!

“ and glossed over the negative,”

Another accusation from Seething Liberal Steve.

“ saying he doubted Saddam would shed any light on the missing weapons of mass destruction “

This is what Steve considers “glossing over”. It is “glossing over” to state that Saddam might not incriminate himself.

“and that the hunt was still on for the still-elusive Osama bin Laden. “

Another example of “glossing over”? Stating the obvious fact that we are still looking for Osama?!

“Bush broke his own gag rule on campaign 2004 issues only briefly at the news conference, “

Why not say something like “He mentioned only….” Rather than creating a fucking HEADLINE to accentuate this statement?

“which was held less than two hours before Dean attacked Bush's Iraq policy in a national security speech in California. “

You’ve got to read that bunch of bullshit:

“When asked about the theory, Bush at first stuck to his formulation that "there's time for politics" later and that he has a job to do first. But then he could not resist rejecting the theory. “

Do you get the idea that liberal media idiots can’t wait to accuse Bush of playing politics? I expect to see them highlight every retort Bush makes to their favorite Donk’s idiocy this way.

“There is a growing belief among Bush's political advisers that Dean will emerge as the Democratic nominee and that the campaign should be ready for him when that happens. “

Giving your readers the impression that Bush is worried about Dean is fine! GO WITH THAT! Keep us on our toes. If they are preparing for anything, it is that the media will be in full spin for their Donk candidate.

“But publicly Bush and his aides like to say he has not focused on his re-election campaign.”

Notice how he questions whether they actually mean what they say with that statement by making the distinction "publicly".

“The president jousted with reporters who asked him about politics. “

No shit!!! [/sarcasm]


As you read, ask yourself what this idiot heard that made him assume the above.

"I know you all want to jump the gun, it makes exciting news, it makes the stories more interesting and more vital from your perspective," he said.

Was it that? I can’t see the evident joy expressed by the President for his job in that statement. Mind you I'm not saying that he doesn't like his job. I also don’t assume he does.

“But asked to describe whether he would have wanted the presidency if he had known what he was going to confront during his time in office thus far, Bush was adamant that he likes his job -- and wants to keep it.

Rule of thumb – read what President Bush says for yourself.

QUESTION: Mr. President, when you asked the American people for their support three years ago, there was no way anyone could have imagined the nature of the job you would have before you. If you had known then what you know now, sir, would you have wanted the job? Would you have had any hesitation about asking the American people for it?

BUSH: “Absolutely would have wanted the job. I have come to realize this job is a magnificent job, because you have a chance to use the position of the United States of America to achieve peace and freedom. And that is a rare opportunity for any person.
I've put together a fantastic administration to help me with this task. I feel very comfortable in the job, because I've got great advice and advisers to whom — I get good advice from great advisers to whom I listen.
I am comfortable delegating the awesome responsibilities of, in this administration's case, war two times to incredibly capable and brave people.
At home, this job affords the opportunity to capture what I call the American spirit and to call people to serve in their communities and their neighborhoods and to help people who hurt. Fantastic opportunity to try to lift up this country so everybody can realize its full potential.
“I absolutely would seek the office again. And I intend to do so in '04, by the way.”

My guess - He probably likes some parts and dislikes others.

“Bush received a modest boost in approval ratings following Saddam's capture. An ABC News/Washington Post poll conducted on Sunday said 57 percent of those polled approved of the job Bush was doing, up from 53 percent a week ago. “

A 4 percent increase is “modest” ..... remember that.

“But the number of Americans who agreed "the situation in Iraq was worth going to war over" remained largely unchanged from previous polls. Sixty-two percent in the CNN/Gallup/USA Today survey said the war was worth it, up from 59 percent last week. “

A 3 percent increase is “largely unchanged” ……….Asshole. A lot can change in a percent, huh? So are the two terms synonymous to this idiot, or was “modest” the most positive adjective he allowed himself to give the President’s hard earned increase in approval ratings?

There isn’t much if anything in the rest of the article that jumped out at me. There is enough above to prove Steve wasn’t just reporting the news. Just look at that headline in relation to it’s source.

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