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Sunday, December 14, 2003


Reaction from the Messopotamian:

Before this, I prayed the traditional prayers of thanksgiving. That I, and the Iraqi people should see this day! This, surely, is the mother of all days for us. The heroes of our valiant Pesh Mergas, and the heroes of the U.S. Fourth division have done it. Now is the time to unleash the Iraqi Counter Terror; now is the time to go for the kill. Let us go after them. Don’t lose this moment. They want to recant and live in equality with the people? they have a chance - otherwise they will have to go. I am too overwhelmed with emotion to write coherently; please excuse me. The foul mouths of the enemies of our people everywhere and the neighboring vultures and hyenas be stuffed with dirt; we will come after you; your time will come.

Long live the great alliance of Mesopotamia and the United States of America and her allies. Now is the time, now is the time; Do not delay; unleash the Counter Terror.

God Bless Iraq; God Bless America; God bless the Allies.

Now is the time at Four Right Wing Wackos when we dance!

Oh, I can't wait to see the barking moonbat brigades wail and cry and gnash their teeth. Dr. DementoHoward Dean was schedualed to give a speech sometime tomorrow, wasn't he? He's got to have a headache right about now. I hope his handlersSpeechwriters are working overtime. The negative spin from DU, NaziMedia, and other moonbat hangouts is almost hysterical. Tim Blair has a wrapup on some of the Loony Left reaction, as well as Jeff Jarvis, BlogsforBush, and Winds of Change

New phrase for Davey to use to describe our enemies: Coalition of the Pissy. I don't know who coined it, but it fits much better. Heh.

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