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Monday, December 15, 2003

Calling all Seattle Area Readers

If you enjoy shooting, or you want to learn how to shoot, mark down Saturday, December 20th, on your calender. It's the Merry Christmas Shootathon! (a.k.a the Santa Security Squad). Analog Kid is getting the range location set up, and we'll all go out and plink away. AK is bringing his arsenal, I'll bring one or two guns, so if you've never shot before you can learn on our guns, with our ammo. The range will most likely be renting out guns as well.

All you need to bring is:

Ear protection (or buy cheap earplugs at the range)
Eye protection (or rent them at the range) Prescription Glasses that cover the entire eye will work.
Depending on what range we go to, $9-$13 for the range fee.

Sound like fun?

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