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Sunday, October 19, 2003

From the files of "WHAT THE F**K?

You've heard people whining and sniffling about all those people without health insurance, right?

Did you know that almost half of them aren't even American citizens?

One of the primary arguments put forth for socialized medicine in the US is the large numbers of uninsured. However, considering that nearly half of these uninsured aren't even citizens -- as the above graph proves -- I believe that these statistics are misleading. After all, discussions of the uninsured usually imply that they're Americans, not persons here illegally. Most Americans would probably agree that a public healthcare system should cover citizens, not simply anyone who can hop the border.

Check out the graph. It's mindblowing to me that the Socialists want to give healthcare insurance to people who aren't even citizens. Hospitals in Arizona and Texas have already closed due to un-compensated medical care given to illegal immigrants. The Donks need to get several facts through their heads, one of which is SOCIALIZED HEALTH CARE FAILS, just like EVERY OTHER SOCIALIST ENDEAVOR!

Hat tip to Ravenwood for the link.

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