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Saturday, September 06, 2003

While we're on the topic of Old Europe dysfunction...

Long lauded for their Teutonic efficiency and hard work in rebuilding the country after World War II, Germans are now among the world's top slackers and politicians and industry leaders say that must change to kickstart the sagging economy.

According to International Labour Organization statistics, the average German worked 1,444 hours in 2002, compared to 1,815 hours for the average U.S. worker and 1,707 for the average Briton. Only the Norwegians and Dutch worked fewer hours.

Germans also have more holidays than most other nations -- 30 days leave is standard plus about 12 public holidays.

The Cologne Institute of the German Economy (IW) estimates the average German takes off about another 12 days a year due to sickness, training, maternity and other leave entitlements, meaning most people work the equivalent of a four-day week.
Whaddya think? Wanna follow these limpwrists into battle?

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