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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Furious and Shaking

.... and seeing red. I have just been reminded in a big way why I hate the state of Washington so much. Let me give you a little back story first...

This spring, my father decided that it was time for a new vehicle. His old vehicle, a 1988 Nissan pickup, was getting up in miles, although it was still very servicable. Since my mom already had a truck, my dad decided that he would get a Jeep Wrangler, which he's wanted ever since they started making them. He then offered me his old truck. Which I bought, at the cost of $1. He would have just given it to me, since it didn't have any value to him. But, in order to make things simple (read: less paperwork) and still legal, we made a simple sales transaction. One truck sold for one dollar.

Fast forward to the present. The State of Washington has been refusing to send my Certificate of Ownership (a.k.a. title) for several months. I got a letter stating that I needed a Signed Statement of Gift from the vehicle's seller. I finally called up the licencing agency and said "Look, I bought this truck for a dollar! You have the bill of sale, what's the problem?" The nice gentleman on the other end of the phone (that's not sarcasm, he was actually very nice) told me that the Department of Revenue refused to accept the sale of vehicles for less than what they think the value is (going by Kelly Blue Book or other references). In short, I would have to fill out a buyer/seller agreement, and then the DoR would assess a value on that vehicle, then tax me on said value.

Do you see the problem here? Since when does the state have the right to assess value on private property? The government never owned this truck, it never held any right to it period! And yet, in this fucking nanny state that I live in, the state can step in and tell me what my vehicle is worth! This is private property changing hands between two private citizens, and yet the state can just step in and dictate terms to it's own liking! DOES ANYONE ELSE SEE THE PROBLEM HERE?!?!?!

Think about it, people! We have been surrendering so much of our autonomy, piece by piece, that the state now sees fit to intrude on private business! And many of the people I talk to see no problem with it! We're not just perched on a slippery slope, we're sliding down head first with very little chance of stopping! Look at what the state already does, for gods sake! Property taxes? What's the value on your property? Why should the government even bother with how much your property costs, people? The only people who should be concered with that are the buyer, seller, and anyone else involved with that purchace. Why is the government demanding money from you every year just because you own property? Think about that! How much more of our life are we going to lose control of before people realize what's going on?

I suppose I shouldn't be so suprised that Washington is damn near communist. I mean, one of our most influential congresscritters, Jim McDermott, happens to be an avowed, registered socialist, along with dozens more in the US government. Our governmental hellhole doesn't just need re-vamping, it needs to be blown up, torn down, destroyed, dismantled, beaten apart, and then rebuilt! And until people refuse to allow the government the power to interfere with our daily lives, it will only get worse.

But until that day comes, I have to grit my teeth, and pray that I can raise enough money to get the hell out of here before I lose it.

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