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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Fat folks may sue McDonalds, but who are fat dogs and cats going to sue?

From the Detroit Free Press...

"Overweight Americans and Europeans are overfeeding their pets, too -- and putting the animals' health at risk, according to a report issued Monday. "

"The National Research Council found that a quarter of dogs and cats in the Western world are obese. And as with humans, this puts them at risk of diabetes, heart disease and other health problems."

My guess: One day we will see at least one nut case or animal rights group that calls for legislation or a class action lawsuit against dog and cat food manufacturers, for making food that tastes too good or has too many calories.

Don't laugh. Left wing wackos like Harvard's Steven Wise think that animals should be entitled to the same basic rights as humans i.e. the right to an attorney, etc. (A left wing wacko in academia? What a shock!)

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