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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Yes yes yes yes yes! Anyone who reads these pages (and admittedly there are only a handful of you at present) knows that I subscribe to the notion that Iraq is a honey pot - designed specifically to attract Radical Islamists into one arena where American and British forces can kill them.

Austin Bay at suggests the same. Here is an excerpt:

The second battlefield is a large 'strategic' ambush, and the enemy entering the kill zone still hasn't quite figured it out. From an American perspective that presents an opportunity, an opportunity with risks, but one with huge potential payoffs. In Iraq, America is ambushing Al Qaeda and tag-along jihadis powered by the fantasy ideology of Islamo-fascism.

The ambush was never completely secret. In a column from Jan. 29 of this year, I wrote: "The massive American build-up around Iraq serves as a baited trap that Al Qaeda cannot ignore. Failure to react to the pending American attack would demonstrate Al Qaeda's impotence. For the sake of their own reputation (as well as any notion of divine sanction), Al Qaeda's cadres must show CNN and Al Jazeera they are still capable of dramatic endeavor. This ain't theory. Al Qaeda's leaders and fighters know it, and the rats are coming out of their alleys."

Astute observers have dubbed America's ambush the "flypaper strategy."
Ah, well. I prefer "honey pot".

You can read the rest here.

UPDATE: There is more here, at Instapundit.

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