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Monday, August 11, 2003


I must be slacking, because I completely missed this earlier.

From Kim du Toit, via the Grouchy Old Cripple, comes a link that left me flabbergasted. This is the sort of thing that has me gritting my teeth and wondering just how stupid people can be. I should never ask that question, because the answer always seems to be:

Dumber than I ever thought possible.

That's right, folks. It's a list of congresscritters who are actually proud members of the Democratic Socialists of America. Avowed socialists, in the United States Congress. That should scare the living hell out of any person with an IQ above room temperature.

Now, the link is somewhat out of date, since it still lists Cynthia "the evil jews kicked me out" McKinney, and Earl Hilliard, who was voted out as well if my memory serves me. But look who's still in. Pelosi. Bonior. Conyers. McDermott (from Seattle, gee what a shock). Rangel. Kuchinich. These are people who follow a doctrine and ideology THAT HAS RUINED THE LIVES OF MILLIONS! Not to mention the damage to the economy that socialism causes! Oh, you don't think so? Look at France! Every time socialism has been implemented, IT HAS FAILED! And yet these worthless walking piles of wasted protoplasm, these oxygen thieves, these parasitic purveyors of poverty not only espouse it, they're trying to enforce it on our country! California has 53 seats in the House of Representatives. 11 of them are avowed socialists! That's 20% folks! Is it any wonder that Cali is going down the tubes?

I can't take it anymore. I need to take a walk to calm down. Have fun with the links.

Update: OK, I can't even take a walk anymore. Wanna know why? Because at the newspaper box I saw this article, from my dear hometown Seattle Times.

Now this hits close to home. I spent quite a few years in Coeur d'Alene, ID. My parents live there. And quite honestly, this whole issue about burning the grass seed fields has been going on for quite some time. But the bottom line is this: Get rid of the grass fields, and you get rid of $125 MILLION DOLLARS in your economy. That's a bit of cash. And who's quoted in the Times' article? One Patti Gora, of Sandpoint Idaho.

Hmmmmm, Patti Gora. Where have I heard that name before? Maybe in THIS article!

Gosh, is that the same Patti Gora, of Sandpoint Idaho, Leader of the group Safe Air For Everyone, who's quoted as being "Patti Gora, who is a board member of Save Our Summers a Washington-based group"

Wait a tic, I thought she was from Idaho? The second webpage was last updated today, August 11th, 2003! So what is it? Is she a regular Sandpoint resident, or is she a career activist in a couple of states? Or maybe she's Patti Gora, Washington State University "Academic Advisor"? Or Patti Gora, from Pullman, Washington? (scroll down to Burning Bill HB 391)

Or maybe the career activists are full of brown smelly excretement? How many businesses have to be ruined before these liberal activists are happy? How many jobs have to be lost before it's enough? How many millions of dollars have to be tossed out the window? When dealing with politicians and activists, I tend to go with my personal experience, rather than the bullshit that they toss around. And the worst time for allergies isn't the burning season in North Idaho, it's the pollen season. Yellow clouds of tree pollen everywhere. The banks of Lake Coeur d'Alene are YELLOW in the springtime, and you can see the yellow waves coming in, laden with TREE POLLEN! What shall we do now, Mrs. Gora? Cut down all the trees to make you happy? The air will be so clean!

I know that most of you don't care one whit about this, but the grass seen industry is already gone in Washington State, thanks to the actions of this woman and people like her. How many jobs did that cost? And the farmers have tried everything to avoid burning their fields. At one point, they tried using hydrocloric acid, which worked rather nicely, except that it was killing wild animals (and a few domestic ones). There's no other way to keep the fields disease free and productive other than burning them.

But why allow facts to stand in the way of political activism, right? I just wish that the tax revenue lost along with those jobs could be taken out of her salary. Her STATE "academic advisor" salary.

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