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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Violent Union Goons and College Anarchists take over Wisconsin Capitol

When democracy doesn't go the way you want, shut down democracy!  Does anyone else want to question why I call the Left "Anti-American"?  The Hot Air linked page below has a livestream feed from the Wisconsin Capital Building, and Meade Althouse (who has done invaluable reporting from ground zero) says that it's pretty much unsecured chaos.

Quote of the day?

“Barack Obama paid for, organized, and is putting on this riot.”

Take photos, video, whatever you can of the Leftist goons in action where ever you happen to be.

And in Idaho......  Boom, baby.

BOISE - The Idaho House has given final passage to a far-reaching bill that removes most of teachers’ existing collective bargaining rights, sending the measure to the governor’s desk and marking a big win for state schools Supt. Tom Luna, who proposed the plan. 

Too bad that state didn't deal with the teacher's unions when I was still in school, but better late than never!

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