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Wednesday, July 15, 2020


I've added the Captain's Journal to the blogroll.  After reading this post, it was almost mandatory.

To begin with, it’s always been a myth that the police were there for protection.  Regular readers, and most other educated men and women, already know about cases Warren versus D.C. and Castle Rock versus Gonzales.  There are more, but these two cases demonstrate that police are not duty bound to offer anyone protection. 
But at least it’s a myth that many people have believed.  The riots, looting, pillaging, beatings and murders of late have convinced many uninformed folks that maybe they do need protection in lieu of police.  In short, that myth has been shattered.

If the riots and violence of the past month has proved anything, it's that the police won't protect you, and the politicians are actively working against you.


David said...

I love the shocked look on people's faces when I inform them that the police have no obligation to come to their aid. Ever. "To protect and serve" is only a motto. It's one honored by many dedicated LEOs, but when it comes down to it, each person is obligated with their own protection and that of their loved ones.


Deserttrek said...

The major flaw in the decision is it did not affirm the right to self defense
Depending on where you live, self defense is a bigger crime than the original crime