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Friday, February 14, 2020

This post at Insty's pretty much sums it up

Bill Barr says Trump tweeting about the DOJ is making his job impossible.

To which someone replies that maybe he should be tossing people in jail already, and then maybe Trump wouldn't have to tweet about the DOJ.

She's got a point.  We Normal Americans are watching people commit crimes that we all know would land us in jail in a red hot minute, and yet nothing happens to the politically connected in D.C.  Trump seems to be the only person putting anyone on blast for their blatant crimes.  And now you want him to stop?

Without Trump tweeting about it, do you think anybody would be talking about the conflict of interest that occurred in the Roger Stone case?  The blatant violation of a fair trial?

The only reason, the one, singular reason why anything is getting fixed in Washington D.C. is because Trump is tweeting about it, exposing the corrupt, pathetic pieces of shit in our government, and those corrupt pieces of shit are either fleeing from the light, or finally being forced to fix themselves.

I hope Trump never stops tweeting.

CASE IN FUCKING POINT:  DOJ won't pursue criminal charges against McCabe for lying to investigators.

McCabe, that Deep State lying fuckstain, lied his ass off at every opportunity, but he won't be charged with anything.  Can anyone out there list one of the charges they hit Roger Stone with?

Anybody?  Anyone?  Wanna take a guess?

Lying to the FBI.  So because Stone is a Trump supporter they throw the book at him, but one of the people who deliberately tried to destroy the Trump presidency and lied continually from the day Trump first took office, abusing his power every single day as they cooked up a fake Russia narrative, won't be charged with a fucking thing.  McCabe got fired for LYING, just in case you forgot.  He got caught LYING so badly that they couldn't even cover his ass, so he got shitcanned.  But now his Deep State buddies have determined that gosh, they just can't bring any charges against him despite doing just that to anyone connected to support of Donald Trump.


The FBI lost any and all credibility years ago.  This is just the feces-crusted cherry on top of one gigantic shit sundae.  This is beyond laughable.  Why not just wear armbands with the DNC logo on them while you go about your Gestapo tactics there, Fibbies?  It's about the only thing you haven't done yet.

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