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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sanders wins Nevada

Folks, at this point, Bernie Sanders is going to be the Democrat nominee.  The DNC is in full blown panic mode.

Sanders, as an "independent" socialist from Vermont, has never really been challenged on his views.  And because he always caucused with the Democrats, the media protected him.  When it's him against Trump?  They can't protect him as much, and they know it.  This dude had a man-crush on Fidel Castro and honeymooned in the USSR.  He's a loon who has never held a private job and yet is a millionaire who owns three houses while screaming about how evil the rich are.  And unless the DNC pulls another 2016 maneuver, he's going to be the winner.

And as the crazy commie with a cardiac problem rises, so do the boats of other crazy commies like AOC, Ilhan "I married my brother to cheat the INS" Omar, Rancid Tlaib or whatever the hell her name is, and the rest of the lunatic wing of the DNC who have essentially turned Nancy Pelosi into a botoxed, drunk figurehead who does their bidding.

I don't know how much I'm worried about 2020.  I'm worried about what comes after that.


p2 said...

The only way Bernie doesn't get the call is if he croaks. Even then I wouldn't put it past the DNC to pull a weekend at Bernie's style campaign and trot his wizened corpse out using robotics. I was getting the impression the left was tiring of rich old white dudes. Guess when it's "their" rich old white dude, it's just peachy.

Ragin' Dave said...

Screaming about how evil those rich white men are holds little weight when George Soros is essentially funding your entire political party.

Deserttrek said...

They need to take him out before the convention. He is going after a far left running mate, my bet is stacey abrams from Georgia. Bernie croaks and who steps up, the black woman who makes obama look nice.
Bernie needs a heart attack soon or a draft hillary at the convention. Regardless this is interesting.
Sadly from now on every election, fed, state and local is a war against the left

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