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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Cokehead Biden's interview

I got to listen to a little bit of it yesterday as I was driving home from work.  Look folks, if there is ANYONE out there who thinks that Cokehead Biden just happened to give an interview just to clear up the mess, they're smoking crack.  This was planned and coordinated between the DNC and their media puppets, and Cokehead Biden still couldn't pull it off all the way.  Oh, he gave a good interview for some of it.  But I don't think he managed to change anyone's mind.  This was just another coordinated job that the media did for their DNC masters.

And CNN is the result of sadness copulating with leeches.  I just wanted to throw that out there. 

Also - as Cokehead Biden was listing off all his "accomplishments", there wasn't a single thing on that list that wasn't a direct result of being Creepy Joe Biden's son.  Oh, you were on the board of Amtrak?  Gosh, I wonder how you managed to get on the board of a government-ran transportation system?  Wow, it's a mystery!

Oh, you were a lawyer?  WERE a lawyer Navy, until your positive drug test got you kicked out.

Donald Trump Jr. runs multiple successful businesses, Cokehead Biden ran Amtrak and got kicked out of the Navy.  Compare and contrast.

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