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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Trump trolls the Scandi girl who made a big deal about sailing across the Atlantic to lecture us

Lecture us about what?  The environment, of course.  which is why her crew all flew back on evil jet planes instead of sailing back in their zero-emission boat.  And that means another crew will have to fly from Europe to New York to sail the boat back.  Five people fly East, and five people fly West, all so that this ill-tempered brat can lecture us about how we're killing the planet using fossil fuels.

What.  The.  Actual.  Fuck.

That's ten flights across the ocean so this foul-tempered brat can be used like a meat puppet by the Left in their attempts to kill our economy.

So anyway, Trump did what Trump does, only with a bit softer touch because this petulant brat is still a kid.  And as the writer of the article points out at the end:

Thunberg did not endorse nuclear power — a zero-emissions technology — or any other solutions.

Or ANY OTHER SOLUTIONS.  That's because she has none.  She might be a smart talented kid, but she's still a kid, and she's no Albert Einstein.  She doesn't know what she doesn't know.  She's just something to be used by the Left.  The Left is big on using children as shields for their crusades, actually.  Remember the kids from Parkland?  They were on the news every single damn night talking about gun control, and if anyone responded to them the usual suspects of the left would be screaming "HOW DARE YOU ATTACK CHILDREN!"  Because the Left's ideas are so pathetic and weak that they can't actually defend them, and so they have to find other ways to negate your response.  And the best way to negate you response is to make sure you don't actually respond my presenting your little meat puppet as a po' widdle child and how DARE you say anything back to the toxic Leftist politics pouring out of its mouth!

Oh, and the Useless Nations are now allowing themselves to be lectured by a child, and they're clapping and begging for more.  Bravo, you pathetic sacks of crap.  You're even more of a drain on society than you were five minutes ago.  Trust me, the last thing the US wants to do is take advice from a group of countries who couldn't even built the very technology they use in their attempt to tear down America.  When I see that pack of trained monkeys clapping and hooting, the only thing I can think of is "Just what the hell have you done for the world lately, other than make it worse?"  Bah.  Had I the power, I would tell the UN that they have fifteen minutes to un-ass the building before I blew the demo charges, and all diplomatic immunity for any UN staff is hereby revoked.  Then I would blast that building down to rubble, and LEAVE IT AS RUBBLE with a couple of plaques around to remind people passing by that we used to host an assortment of criminals, thugs, perverts, slugs, leeches, parasites and other scum, but that we finally woke up and kicked them the hell out.

That's my dream, anyway.

So back to the little Scandi girl and her speech.  She's being taught the most toxic ideology, and she's being trained to use it as a weapon.  She did nothing but blame everyone else for her supposed problems.  Hey, guess what all those Scandinavian countries use in order to provide their citizens with a 1st-world living?

Oil.  Black Gold, baby.  Thunberg is from Sweden, which exports OIL in order to make money.  So little Scandi Girl sailed across the ocean from a country that sells a shit-ton of oil to lecture the USA on using oil, all while using even more oil to fly crews back and forth from Sweden in order to make her virtue-signaling trip in a sailboat possible.

She wants to be treated seriously, like an adult?  The best response would be for an actual grown-up to tell her to shut up, learn something before she lectures us, and go the fuck back home.  Given how Sweden is turning into the rape capitol of the world, thanks to their unchecked influx of musloid migrants, there's a whole host of problems she can solve back home before she tries to solve anything over on this side of the pond.

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