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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Can we be done with the fireworks please?

So, Utah has a state holiday, Pioneer Day.  It commemorates the first time the Mormon pioneers arrived at Salt Lake City.  Hell, all of downtown was shut off for the parades and the marathon and the celebrations.  Made getting to work yesterday a cast-iron bitch, but that's a different topic.

Utah loves their fireworks.  Fourth of July, there were private fireworks displays that went on from 1800 to Oh-Dark-Thirty.  But, I normally have he 5th of July to recover, so I really don't care if I lose some sleep.

But I don't get to recover from Pioneer Day.  Hell, I don't even get Pioneer Day off, as it's a state holiday and I'm not a state employee.  So when folks want to shoot off fireworks until after midnight, that makes Dave a sleep-deprived grumpy old man.

I need more coffee.

Are the celebrations done yet?  Can we put the fireworks away until New Year's Eve?

We've had so many damn fireworks going off that the dog doesn't even flinch at them any more.

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