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Friday, March 01, 2019

So much for that "summit" Bergolio

Yeah, like we expected the guy who's best friends with all the homosexual predators to do anything about them.

The Vatican’s four-day summit on protecting minors ended Sunday with a whimper. There were no new “concrete, effective measures” to hold Catholic bishops accountable for ignoring and covering up sexual abuse, as Pope Francis had called for before the summit began. There were likewise no discussions of the link between sexual abuse and homosexuality among the clergy, the rampant abuse of adult seminarians by their superiors, or the case of disgraced former Archbishop Theodore McCarrick. 
Instead, the summit concluded with a 3,000-word speech by Francis that contained little of substance but was heavy on defensiveness and bureaucratese. Francis rattled off a list of “best practices” for ending violence against children compiled by the World Health Organization, and offered a meandering discussion about how a “great number of” abuse cases are “committed within families”—an obvious attempt to deflect attention from the putative subject of the summit: clerical sexual abuse.

Just in case you want to know how deviant and evil Jorge Bergolio is, while he was working up to this "summit" that accomplished nothing, his boyfriend, who also traffics in underage boy prostitutes, was murdering the woman who outed him.

Let me lay this out, because it's almost impossible to grasp.  The gay boyfriend of Jorge Bergolio either murdered or paid someone to murder the woman who outed his trafficking of young boys as sexual slaves and prostitutes.

Jorge Bergolio, aka Pope Francis
Has a boyfriend
Who traffics in underage male prostitutes against their will
Who killed the woman who exposed him.

Dear Lord Jesus, purge your Church from this evil that inflicts us, so that we may once again represent you on this earth.


pigpen51 said...

I am not a Catholic, but I am a Christian. I find it just horrible that the leader of the Catholic church not only has feet of clay, which is to be expected, but is a willing servant of the evil one who walks the earth. I know that is harsh language to use, but it is not hyperbole, when you consider just what damage the Pope is doing to the many faithful people of the Catholic church, who depend upon his leadership to give them something to hold onto.
I say this not to cause harm, nor to say that I am somehow one who is better than anyone, because I know how hard my own heart can be. But I recognize just how harmful poor leadership can be to a small local church, yet alone a world wide denomination of hundreds of millions of people.
I do pray for your people, and especially for your leadership, that they themselves, will turn away from sin, and repent and bring the people back to God the way that He would desire for them to do. Because at times, God has allowed an entire nation to suffer for the poor leadership of that nation. God is just, but we are not the ones to judge His justice, but to instead bow down and worship Him, and pray that He will continue to be our God, and us His people.
I wish you nothing but the best. And for those who refuse to submit to God's ways, we know that God is a kind, loving God, but He is also a just, and vengeful God.

Ragin' Dave said...

You cannot fight evil until you identify it. Jorge Bergolio is evil. We have had worse popes, if only by a small margin. We will survive. Bergolio will be burning in hell when all is said and done.