Day by Day

Thursday, March 07, 2019

I'm for it

Standard Time.  Daylight Savings Time.  Pick one, make it permanent.

Most of the nation will set their clocks forward one hour this Sunday, and Sen. Marco Rubio is hoping to make the change stick.  
The Florida Sen. is expected to reintroduce the his Sunshine Protection Act, which would make Daylight Saving Time permanent for all of the United States, several media outlets in Florida report. 

Enough of this swinging to and fro.  Pick one and stick with it.  I've lived in places that didn't change back and forth, and I didn't miss it one single bit.  It just needs to go away.


p2 said...

it doesnt get dark here from may till august.... whats the savings??????

Ragin' Dave said...

Yeah, no kidding! Plus, folks on the other extreme (near the equator) don't really deal with winter, so why the heck change the time?