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Monday, February 11, 2019

Yep. Pretty much

Linda Fox writes about people leaving the San FranSicko area, and a few truths they need to understand.

So, 1 by 1, this women’s social circle is developing gaping holes in it. In her naiveté, she implores the residents who see fleeing CA  refugees to realize that they are good people, just hoping for a better life. 
And, I’m sure she believes that. 
They may have ‘good hearts and big dreams’, but what the resistant old residents of the new locations are wary of is the newcomers’ refusal to recognize several important things:

Go read the whole thing.  Understand that as a guy from Idaho, we have a rather visceral reaction when we find out that Kalifornians are moving in next door.  This reaction is a learned response.  There's nothing quite like having people move in who

1 -  Don't respect property rights (tear-assing around on four-wheelers, including through YOUR pasture land, and they don't even bother to close the gate behind them when they trespass)

2 - Demand that YOU conform to THEIR standards (when their standards are the reason they fled whatever stinking hellhole they came from)

3 - Sneer down at anyone local and label them as "hicks" or "rednecks" (but we were smart enough to not impose stupid legislation on our neighbors and make the whole place unlivable, much like Kalifornia did)

4 - Generally act in such a manner as to make yourself a pariah with anyone who's from the location.  (Loud statements of "Oh I love the scenery but have you seen the way they DRESS here?" do not help your cause)

Having lived in Los Angeles, I can honestly say that there's maybe four or five people out of the entire millions that I would welcome into my home town.  As for the rest, they need to stay there.  Don't pollute my home.  I would tell Kalifornians who are thinking about moving to Idaho to go read Fox's list, but I doubt it would do any good.  I've seen the kind of people who live in the San FranFreakShow area, I've worked with them, and I don't think they have the capability to actually learn anything from that list.  Arrogance and Ignorance combined, weaponized with Marxism, inflicted on America.  These are the people who allow drug addicts to shit on their streets.  And now they want to move to my town?  Why?  So they can let drug addicts shit on the streets up there?

I've come to agree with more folks that we're not voting our way out of this mess.

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