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Friday, February 15, 2019

I knew this. You knew this. EVERYONE knew this!

There was never any Trump-Russia collusion

There was never any collusion. The entire debacle has been a Deep State plot to depose a president. The Deep State-promulgated disillusionment about our country’s true power nexus and electoral process has done much to erode the faith of a generation not yet baptized in the fires of partisan destruction. 
California Congressman Devin Nunes has battled back with legal countermeasures related to congressional oversight from the very beginning. America’s Mayor and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, though at times muddling the defense narrative on his cable news appearances, never wavered in his conviction that the entire trope was a lie. In his cable appearances, Trump legal adviser Joe diGenova could barely contain his scorn for the debacle that was taking place. Even liberal Alan Dershowitz has called out the unprecedented prevarication used to float what credible analysts have labeled an “attempted coup.”

The entire Trump-Russia hoax was designed to damage Trump and the GOP.  Nothing more.  It was a Democrat Party fever dream that they pushed for the sole purpose of trying to reverse the 2016 election, aided and abetted by the Democrat Media Complex.

I don't think the vast majority of Democrats even thought there was ever any collusion.  I think they were pushing the narrative just as a political action in order to damage the GOP.  There might be a few people who are stupid enough to think it actually happened, but the rest of the people pushing this hoax are simply amoral, evil people who use lies in order to gain political power.

It's that simple.

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