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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Trump Cancelled the White House Press Christmas Party

Good.  Let the fucking fuckers go fuck off somewhere else.

President Trump has canceled the White House holiday party for the media, making the decades-old tradition a victim of his increasingly contentious relationship with major news organizations. 
The annual Christmas-season gathering was a significant perk for those covering the White House, as well as other Washington reporters, anchors and commentators, and New York media executives would regularly fly in for the occasion. At its peak, the invitation-only soirees grew so large that there were two back-to-back events, one for broadcast outlets and one for print organizations.

Oh, so the people who routinely shit all over Trump, insult him, and denigrate his family would be coming to party?  Well gosh, why don't we roll out the red carpet?

I've said multiple times that folks like me have waited decades for someone to treat the mainstream media with the disrespect it deserves.  Half of the joy that I get from Trump being in office is watching him overturn the apple-carts of the pompous jackasses who infest D.C.  So the media don't get their Christmas party?  GOOD!  Let them go waste someone else's money.

They think they're special.  And they are, but not in any way that could be considered good.

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