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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The bifurcated rule of law

Like I said before - we no longer live under the rule of law.  Not really.

This painful to admit it, but we need to grow up. There are two sets of law in America today, meaning there is no rule of law in America today. Oh, there are statutes, and there are courts, and there are agencies full of people with guns willing to enforce the will of aspiring tyrants, but there is not rule of law. There is only power, theirs and ours. Time to get woke to the undeniable fact that the Fredocons deny up and down. Justice is no longer blind. Her blindfold is off and she’s picking favorites. 
You are not one of her favorites.

Someone out there has said that Trump's greatest power is the ability to make his enemies reveal themselves.  The DOJ has revealed themselves, alright. 

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