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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Repeating the message until it sinks home

Modern feminism will make women miserable, lonely and alone.

Refusing to learn from history and experience only hardens people against the feedback from reality they need to make their lives better through smarter decisions. Thinking that the experience and wisdom of humans across time has a claim on our present behavior allows a form of troubleshooting and decisionmaking using billions of accumulated datapoints. Yes, it requires humility to consider whether your presuppositions and behavior are wrong, but what you may lose in feminist scorekeeping you reap a hundredfold in a richly happy life. How do I know? It’s happened to me.

Men and women are supposed to exist together in a complementary state.  Feminism keeps women apart and refuses to allow women to be complementary to men. 

Feminism turns women into men with vaginas.  Under feminism, a woman's value is the sum total of the sexual pleasure she can bring a man, because under feminism, a woman has never been taught to do what makes her special and unique.  The end result of a woman steeped in feminism is:  No family, no kids, no home, just another paycheck and access to vaginas.  Which men can get anywhere, and we can get it pretty much at any age depending on our success at making money.  Which makes a feminist woman valueless. 

Feminism destroys civilization. 

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Drumwaster said...

"The history of the past several decades has been replacing what worked with what sounded good." -- Thomas Sowell