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Thursday, December 20, 2018

I guarantee you that kid has already been used as a sex toy.

AKA, the Homo End Game in One Photo.

The Gay Movement is really good at demanding that we accept them, and by "accept them" they mean also accepting every kind of perversion as good and natural, and if we don't then we're homophobic.

Which means, you must accept this.

No.  Just no.  This is the end game.  This is the cult of the orgasm, where anything is excused so long as it gets you off and makes you ejaculate.  It is wrong.  It is evil.

No, I will not accept it.  And that makes me a good man.


p2 said...


Ragin' Dave said...

Nope. It's real. And it's ugly.

p2 said...

the world needs a damn good plague