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Friday, December 14, 2018

Get out of Patreon now, before they cut you off at the knees

They're purging folks on the Right, while allowing folks on the Left to radicalize and raise money for things like "insurrection".

Patreon is back in the news following another round of what appears to be an ideological purge from their platform. In the last few days the accounts for Milo Yiannopoulos, Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad), and James Allsup were all terminated. These individuals all have different belief systems and principals and have been vocal critics of each other but their common denominator is a very vocal and effective critique of the far-left and their creeping authoritarianism 
Following the termination of these accounts, many people speculated that Patreon was selectively enforcing their Community Guidelines in order to target right-of-center influencers.  What better way to test this theory then to see if left-of-center Patreon users are being dinged for their “manifest observable behavior”. 
Here is what we found. 
There are several far-left users who appear to be blatantly violating Pareon’s Community Guidelines. These users are raising thousands of dollars each month and are actively using that money to organize and advocate for violent and often illegal criminal activity.
It seems that all the tech platforms, being run out of the Bay Area, have adopted the Leftist fascism as their political mantra.  I wish I had answers.  I don't.  Hell, I'm just a little fish in a big pond, but I keep waiting for google to find this little blog and end it for badthink.

Take a look at who Patreon proudly allows to use their website to collect funds.  People who identify as Communists who want to violently end the "owning class".  But Sargon of Akkad gets cut off?

These people on the Left actually want a civil war.  They're hoping for it, because they think they'll be in charge when the smoke clears.  Because they're fucking morons.

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Drumwaster said...

Been saying it for decades, amigo... before 2025.